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Medical Waivers

Medical Waivers Overview

There is no need for you to request a medical waiver. If you are competing for an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy or one of our preparatory programs, we will automatically process a medical waiver for U.S. Air Force Academy on your behalf.

You will be notified directly by the DoDMERB if there are any additional requirements, tests or evaluations for the waiver process. The DoDMERB may request additional tests or evaluations to support your waiver. These may be obtained at a military facility at no cost to you or at a civilian facility at your cost.

Please keep in mind that the DoDMERB is working on your and our behalf to acquire the medical waiver and that the DoDMERB is not the waiver authority.

The Academy Command Surgeon (not affiliated with the DoDMERB) may grant a limited number of medical waivers and they will notify you of the final waiver decision.