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Medical Examinations

Medical Examinations Overview

The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) is responsible for determining the medical qualification of United States Air Force Academy applicants. All academies and commissioning sources use one general standardized examination to determine medical qualifications.

You will take your examination at one of the designated examining centers located throughout the United States—and at some overseas bases—on or after July 1 of the year preceding your year of admission.

Note that prior candidates who are reapplying must retake portions of the medical examination. Also note that the flying class examination will be performed during your junior year at the Academy and will encompass more in-depth testing than is done during the DoDMERB physical exam.

You must complete three of the following five application steps BEFORE your name will be forwarded to the DoDMERB to schedule your examination.

  • Candidate Fitness Assessment (USAFA Form 158)
  • Candidate Personal Data Record (USAFA Form 146)
  • Candidate Activities Record (USAFA Form 147)
  • Teacher Evaluations (USAFA Form 145)
  • Writing Sample (USAFA Form 0-878)

For more details, see the Physical Requirements and Character Requirements.

Preparing for Your Medical Examination

You must be prepared for your medical examination appointment. If you do not follow appropriate guidelines, your examination will be invalid and must be rescheduled.

  • Hard contacts must be removed 21 days prior to taking your medical exam, and soft contacts must be removed three days prior.

  • You cannot be undergoing active orthodontic treatment when you enter the Academy.

  • Provide medical records or documentation concerning major surgeries, illnesses and injuries at the time of your medical examination.

  • Use good judgment when listing medical problems. Do not self-diagnose a problem. List the full circumstances, treatment received and age during each episode.

  • Candidates who withhold obviously disqualifying medical information will be disenrolled and won’t be eligible to reapply to the Academy.

  • Other commissioning sources, such as ROTC programs, use the DoDMERB for their certification process and will be supplied information as to why the cadet was disenrolled.

DoDMERB Examination

Once you have completed three of the five U.S. Air Force Academy forms, we will forward your name to the DoDMERB and you will receive specific scheduling instructions. The examination center will be as near to your home as possible based on availability within your ZIP Code. Scheduling an initial exam can take up to 30 days.

Medical Examination Results

The DoDMERB will use the results of your examination to determine whether or not you are medically qualified to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. After the DoDMERB receives your medical examination results, they will evaluate your medical file for certification. If additional medical information or evaluations are required, the DoDMERB will send you a letter requesting the additional tests and/or evaluations, otherwise known as remedials. Remedials are classified as either Administrative or Medical. All costs associated with Administrative remedials are the responsibility of the candidate.

The candidate has three options for completing medical remedials unless specifically requested to be completed at a Military Treatment Facility.

  • Option 1
    (At no cost to the candidate and the preferred option) is to complete the requested medical remedial through a civilian examination center contracted by the DoDMERB and managed by Concorde.
  • Option 2
    (At no cost to the candidate) is to complete the requested medical remedial at a Military Treatment Facility that has the resources for completing the test and/or evaluation.
  • Option 3
    (All costs associated with this option are the responsibility of the candidate) is to complete the requested medical remedial with a private medical provider or physician. Do not rely on any statements made by the examining physician, military or civilian, concerning your medical status.

Note that the medical qualification for U.S. Air Force Academy entrance is based on the assumption that your DoDMERB medical examination reflects your true medical status. You can ensure this by IMMEDIATELY reporting any change in your medical status (injury, physical or mental illness or diagnosis of a new condition) to the DoDMERB after you have finished your examination.

Also, following your acceptance by the Academy and within 72 hours of arriving at the Academy, you must undergo drug and alcohol abuse testing as required by Public Law (Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 978).

HIV testing will also be done at this time. Photo identification is required.

DoDMERB Contact Info

If you have ANY questions concerning the medical examination process, CALL the DoDMERB! Refer questions concerning your medical status or examination scheduling to:

USAF ACADEMY, CO 80840-2200

Phone: 1-719-333-3562

For answers to frequently asked questions and to obtain further information, applicants should visit the DODMERB website directly.