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Candidate Phase

A Lifetime of Opportunities Begins Now

Once you’ve completed your application to the United States Air Force Academy, you will naturally be anxious to hear whether you will be offered an appointment. If you are fortunate enough to receive one, we are convinced you’ll be a successful cadet, and we sincerely hope you will accept.

Offers of Appointment

Candidates seeking appointment to the Academy must submit their completed application for admission to the Academy by the deadline posted on their portal. These deadlines are typically between November 1 and January 31. Consult your portal for the exact date.  Appointments offered are conditional until you take the Oath of Allegiance. Final transcripts are required as part of that condition to ensure continued satisfactory performance prior to taking the oath.

We will typically notify you of your appointment status by April 21, ahead of the National Commitment Day.

Starting in October, the Admissions Committee meets weekly to review completed files. This committee of senior officers considers your qualifications based on all the information contained in your records, and selection is on a competitive basis.

Early Notification

If you are a highly qualified candidate, have a nomination and your records are complete, we may notify you of an appointment as early as November. If you don’t yet have a nomination, we’ll send you a letter of assurance. As soon as you secure your nomination, you’ll receive an appointment.

To be considered for an early appointment, our records must include all correspondence about you as well as the following documents:

  • Official results of required examinations (SAT or ACT and CFA)
  • Candidate activities records
  • High school transcript
  • Drug and alcohol abuse certificate
  • Candidate Personal Data Record

If we don’t have your medical clearance or your preparatory school or college transcript, you will receive a conditional appointment.

Regular Selections

If you don’t receive an early notification, you will be considered in March if your records are complete and you meet all of our admissions requirements. If we don’t yet have your medical clearance or your preparatory school or college transcript, you will be considered for a conditional appointment. If you are selected, your final appointment will depend on your medical qualifications and our receiving a satisfactory college or preparatory school transcript.

Late Selections

Some appointees do decline their appointment offers, and we select other qualified candidates to fill those vacancies. In such cases, we may not notify replacement candidates until shortly before the class enters.