You can get a good education at any college or university. Here, we broaden your horizons, galvanize your character and help you pave the road to an exciting career. At the United States Air Force Academy, a world-class education is just the beginning.


At the United States Air Force Academy, you will be held to strict standards, academically, physically and morally. When it comes to the acquisition of knowledge, the honing of the body, and the attainment of military proficiency, we take our jobs very seriously. And we expect the same from our cadets.

Most courses at the Academy are graded on a grade point scale, with an “A” worth four grade points per semester hour and an “F” worth zero. You’ll receive a pass/fail grade in several courses, particularly military training and airmanship. You should expect to spend 100 minutes in outside preparation for each 50-minute class period.

Semester Schedule

The fall and spring semesters contain approximately 17 weeks of instruction (40 lessons), extending from early August to the week before Christmas and the first week in January through mid-May. A limited number of three-week academic courses are offered for the third-, second- and first-class cadets during a 10-week summer term.

Cadet Achievement and Recognition

Each semester, the following honors are bestowed on cadets in recognition of their achievements. Cadets who are on any of these lists may be awarded additional weekend privileges.

Honor Achievement Recognition
Dean’s List GPA 3.0 or higher Cadets who achieve at least a 3.0 GPA are recognized by the Dean of the Faculty and wear a small silver star on their uniform.
Commandant’s List Military Performance Average 3.0 or greater Cadets who are recognized for achievement in military performance by the Commandant of Cadets wear a silver wreath.
Director of Athletics List Physical Education Average 3.0 or higher Cadets who are recognized for excellence in physical education by the Director of Athletics wear a silver lightning bolt.
Superintendent’s List All three of the above Those cadets on all three lists are recognized by the Superintendent and wear the star enclosed in the wreath between two small lightning bolts.

Deficiency and Disenrollment

Academic Deficiency

You’ll be deficient in academic studies at mid-semester or the end of a semester if any of the following occur:

  1. You have a grade of “F” in one or more courses
  2. You have a controllable incomplete (“I”) in one or more courses
  3. Your cumulative, or semester GPA is less than 2.0

If you’re deficient, an Academic Review Committee (ARC) may recommend you take one of the following actions:

  • Repeat or take a specific course during a subsequent semester
  • Underload one course
  • Change academic majors
  • Attend a summer term in place of leave
  • Be turned back to the next succeeding class
  • Any other action deemed appropriate

The Superintendent will consider the committee’s recommendation and make the final decision. If you are seriously deficient, you may face academic disenrollment.

Military Deficiency

You’ll be deficient in military performance if you fail a Professional Competency Exam or if your MPA is below 2.0 at the end of the semester.

A Military Review Committee (MRC) evaluates deficient cadets and either places them on aptitude probation or starts other corrective action. The committee may recommend that the Academy Board disenroll a cadet seriously deficient in conduct or aptitude for commissioned service.

Physical Deficiency

If you fail one or more items on the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and have a total score below 250, or if your 1.5-mile aerobics run time is slower than 11:15 (men) or 13:31 (women), you’ll be deficient in physical education. You’ll also be deficient if you fail any of your physical education instruction.

A Physical Education Review Committee (PERC) considers deficient cadets after the final PFT make-up test each semester. The committee may recommend one of the following:

  • A remedial conditioning program
  • Athletic probation
  • Attendance at a physical education program in place of leave during the summer term
  • Turn back to the next class
  • Disenrollment

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a cadet must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate an aptitude for commissioned service and leadership by having a minimum cumulative MPA of 2.00.
  • Be satisfactory in conduct.
  • Be proficient in physical education and military training.
  • Complete the requirements for the core curriculum and for an academic major.
  • Have a minimum cumulative and core GPA of 2.00.

Placement Testing/Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit

Early in Basic Cadet Training (BCT), you’ll take placement examinations offered by the academic departments. Your individual ability, preparation and achievement will determine the classes you’ll take during your first semester. Earning high marks on these tests may enable you to be placed in an accelerated or advanced course or perhaps receive validation credit and substitute another course.

Grades achieved in AP/IB courses are given additional weighting for admission. Scores received on AP/IB exams are not used for admission consideration, however, if you score well on AP/IB tests, you may validate some Academy courses.

AP Test Credits by Department

The following is a listing of Academy departments accepting AP test scores:

  1. Generally required to take course if student has taken only the AP Microeconomics exam
  2. IB exam transcripts must show English taken at the higher level (HL)
  3. Plus adequate score on AFA Placement Exam
  4. Plus adequate score on AFA Placement Exam
  5. Plus adequate score on AFA Placement Exam



AP Test

IB Test


Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

Beh Sci 110

5 (Psychology)




Bio 315

4/5 (Biology)




Chem 100/200

3/4/5 (Chemistry)

Plus adequate score on AFA Placement Exam

 Computer Science

Comp Sci 210

5 (Comp Sci A)


Econ 201

4/5 (Econ-Mic)



Econ 301

4/5 (Econ-Mac)


English 111

5 in literature/composition or language/composition


IB exam transcript must show English taken at the higher level (HL)

Foreign Language


5 (French Lang)


Foreign Language


5 (German Lang)

Foreign Language


5 (Spanish Lang)


History 300

4/5 (World History)

  World History


Math 141/142

4/5 (Calculus AB or Calculus BC)

  Plus adequate score on AFA Placement Exam


Physics 110

4/5 AP Physics C Elec/Mag




4/5 Physics C Mech

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