What Makes The Academy Different?

The Academy is a world-class university designed to create strong leaders. Beyond academic excellence, the Academy emphasizes military training, athletics, and character development to forge officers of character who are ready to lead our nation in the Air Force.

Lasting Benefits

Benefits of an Academy Education

Attending the United States Air Force Academy is just the beginning. The opportunities available to graduates of the Academy are truly immeasurable — and each individual experience is different. Ask any graduate and you will find that each has a unique career path made possible by their time at the Academy.

Cost-Free Education

In a sea of college choices and career options, the Academy offers both in a very attractive package. Choosing the Academy is choosing a cost-free education. Your child or student will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in their choice of more than 26 majors. Upon graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, they will have immediate opportunities to put this hard-earned education to good use.

Guaranteed Employment

While some college graduates struggle to find and sustain careers in an uncertain job market, your child will be guaranteed a profession as an officer in the United States Air Force. There are a wide variety of Air Force career options for Academy graduates. Many will go on to become pilots, combat systems officers, contracting officers, public affairs officers, intelligence officers, doctors, engineers, special forces … the list goes on and on.

Besides having a guaranteed profession, your child will find that Air Force officer pay is attractive and competitive to equivalent civilian careers. In addition to pay, officers receive a monthly tax-free housing and food allowance based upon rank and geographic cost of living. All military members receive 30 days of paid vacation each year and comprehensive medical and dental care.

Commitment and Opportunity

The post-graduation commitment to the Air Force is five years for most career fields. The commitment for pilots and combat systems officers is ten years after training. For those who wish to pursue their education even further, the Air Force offers tuition assistance for attainment of a master’s degree.

Those who continue with the Air Force will be eligible for retirement after 20 years of service — one of the earliest retirement plans available. Or, should your child choose to separate from the Air Force once their commitment is complete, they will have invaluable years of job experience on which to build a civilian career.

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