Facing The Challenges, Together.

College is an exciting prospect for parents and children. Families and mentors can offer support, advice and perspective in pursuing the United States Air Force Academy. Know how to prepare, how to apply and what to consider in choosing the Academy.


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How To Prepare

The United States Air Force Academy is not the right university for everyone. It is a challenging environment that attracts top students from across the nation. Being offered the chance to attend the Academy is a great achievement, and definitely something you as a parent should be proud of.

Competition for appointment to the Academy is very high. If your child is convinced that the Academy is right for them, it is helpful to begin learning about the Academy so you can provide encouragement. There are also many ways that your child can prepare to shine in our applicant pool.

Learn About the Academy

From the time your child becomes interested in the Academy — as early as middle school — we will work to guide them on their educational journey. We provide several outreach programs to help students learn more about the Academy.

Members of our outreach division regularly visit education and college fairs to inform young people about the Academy experience.

To learn more about the Academy, look for an event near you. We also have Admissions Liaison Officers (ALOs) who can answer your questions and provide detailed information about the Academy. To get in touch with the right resource, find your ALO.

Become a Competitive Applicant

It is never too early to read about our admissions requirements and learn the application steps involved in applying to the Academy. Taking the time to research the process and our selection criteria will help you understand exactly what we are looking for.

First and foremost, we look for candidates with strong academic performance, as demonstrated by their past academic record, grade point average, class rank and standardized test scores. To advise your child about prioritizing academics, course selection and standardized test strategies during high school, find out more about academic preparation.

We also look for candidates with athletic ability and leadership potential, as demonstrated by sustained physical fitness as well as participation in both athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities. Leadership roles, responsibilities and experiences achieved through these activities make for a stronger candidate.

To advise your child about maintaining fitness as well as athletic and non-athletic activities during high school, find out more about physical preparation and character and leadership preparation.

Do you want to Attend the Academy?

Understanding our admissions requirements is the first step.