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The United States Air Force Academy is a competitive environment. Just applying to the Academy requires focus and determination. Here, learn each step of the process and the requirements you must meet to compete for appointment.


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Extracurricular Activities

Participation in a variety of athletic and non-athletic high school activities is an asset in preparing for the demanding Air Force Academy program, and is a competitive factor in your application to the Academy.

Sustained participation and leadership in a few activities is desirable. For more on extracurricular activities appropriate to a competitive application, see Advice to Applicants: All Applicants.

Low participation in sanctioned or high school athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities may result in a noncompetitive application.

However, consideration will be given to candidates from schools that do not offer typical athletic and extracurricular activities, as well as to candidates who work after school. Special consideration is always given to unusual accomplishments either in or out of school. Be sure the Admissions Office knows of your successes.

Completing the Candidate Activities Record

The extracurricular activities you report on the Candidate Activities Record (USAFA Form 147) are used to determine your Extracurricular Composite Score. This score measures your activities (athletic and non-athletic) in high school, community service and work. This score is an important component of our selection composite, weighted at 20%.

To be fair to all applicants, we have restricted this form to activities performed in grades 10-12. Be sure you have checked all items for which you deserve credit. If you are a junior, include your anticipated 12th grade participation.

Note that we cannot list all possible activities in this form. You will use the Resume Section of the form to indicate OTHER activities or awards not already cited. If you have done something that isn’t listed in the form, include it in the resume area — especially if it included responsibility, leadership, or some unique indication of achievement.

If your school doesn’t offer organized sports or most of these extracurricular activities, please be sure to note this in your resume. Also, let us know if frequent moves, distance from school, or other factors have hindered your participation. If you have been involved in substantial extracurricular activities after high school (won awards, etc.), include that in your resume as well. Remember to be specific, give us details, and keep us updated.

Athletic Activities

Take credit for all events that were sanctioned by a state, regional, or national sports organization. You should also indicate if you earned a varsity letter in the event, if you were a team captain or co-captain, or if your team was first in State, District, City or County. Take credit for first or second place in district and/or state meets for individual sports such as track, tennis, golf, wrestling, and swimming. For timed events such as swimming or track, please mention the events and your best times in your resume.

Use the Resume Section to also list OTHER competitive athletic activities or awards not cited, such as rifle, equestrian, and other nontraditional organized sports activities.

Be sure to tell us if your school doesn’t offer varsity athletics, and send us an update of your spring activities verified by a school official. Be sure to explain your level of involvement and responsibilities for each activity.

Non-Athletic Activities

Take credit for any awards or honors listed. If in doubt, include the activity. In all cases, if you are an officer of an organization, also take credit for being a member of the organization. Use the Resume Section to indicate OTHER activities or awards not cited.


We count farm and family business as well as all other types of work as long as you worked on school days during the school year. Mark appropriate grade(s) and hours you participated in work.

If you did NOT work the entire school year, only mark the appropriate hours you averaged per week. Then explain in your resume the circumstances and type of work you performed.

Use standard rounding procedures for deciding which category of hours to mark. Keep summer job hours in its own separate section.


Your participation in any activities reported is subject to verification. After ensuring this form is correct, you must provide the name, phone number, and email address of your high school counselor or other school official who can verify your involvement in the listed activities.

If you are home-schooled, you may enter your parent’s information. If you are active duty military, you can enter the name of a commissioned officer in your unit.


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