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We offer several ways to connect with the United States Air Force Academy. Our outreach programs can help you determine whether the Academy is right for you, as well as help you make your application as complete and competitive as possible. Register now for Future Falcons.

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Visiting the Academy is a great way to see for yourself.

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Admission Liaison Officers (ALOs) are Air Force Academy representatives who can help you throughout the admissions process. The majority of ALOs are Air Force officers (either Reserve, Air National Guard, retired or active-duty) who are knowledgeable about the Academy and the applications process. They also provide counseling for the Air Force ROTC commissioning program.

Your ALO is qualified to assist you in all aspects of the application process, to answer any questions you might have about the Academy, or to discuss what it means to be an officer in the Air Force. To get in touch, find the ALO assigned to your school or region using the form above.

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ALOs are valued volunteers. If you or someone you know would make a great ALO, please contact us.


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