Learn the Lingo.

This glossary will help you understand some of the terms you may encounter during the application process and while at the United States Air Force Academy. If you become a cadet, it might help your parents understand you, too! 



AOC: Air Officer Commanding, an active duty officer in charge of a 100 person cadet squadron

AAOCA: Associate AOC for Academics, a faculty member – an academic advisor for cadets without a major

ABU: Airman Battle Uniform

ACQ: Academic Call to Quarters

AFT: Aerobic Fitness Test

Applicant: A person applying to the Academy who has completed a Pre-Candidate Questionnaire.

Appointee: A person who has successfully applied for admission to the Academy and who has been provided an offer to attend the Academy

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BCT: Basic Cadet Training

Beast: Slang for Basic Cadet Training

BOR: Base of the Ramp

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Cadet: Student of the United States Air Force Academy.

Cadet Wing: Military organization of all cadets, consisting of 4 groups, totaling approximately 4,000 cadets

Cadre: Upper classmen holding leadership positions

Candidate: An applicant who has completed the Pre-Candidate Questionnaire and who has been approved to pursue appointment to the Academy

Candidate Kit: Kit containing Admissions forms and information for students whose Pre-candidate Questionnaires have been received, screened and approved, including complete information about Medical Eligibility, the Candidate Fitness Assessment and other necessary steps in the admissions process

CCQ: Cadet-in-Charge of Quarters

CE: Commissioning Education or Civil Engineering

CIC: Cadet-in-Charge

Command Post: Cadet Wing Operations Center, organization in charge of daily operations for the Cadet Wing

Contrails: The bible of United States Air Force Academy fourth-classmen knowledge (contains USAFA heritage information, quotes and various details of Academy life)

Comm’s List: Commandant’s list for outstanding cadet military performance

CST: Combat Survival Training

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Dean’s List: Dean’s list for outstanding academic performance

Dining-In: A formal dinner for officers, NCOs, and cadets

Dining-Out: Same as Dining-In, except you may bring a guest

DI: Dormitory Inspection, night check for accountability

Doolie: Fourth-class cadet (a freshman)

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EI: Extra instruction

Element: Basic unit of a squadron (about 12 cadets)

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Firstie: First-class cadet (a senior)

Flight: Three elements (about 36 cadets)

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GDNCO: Group Duty Noncommissioned Officer

GE: Global Engagement

GR: Graded Review (an important exam)

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IP: Instructor Pilot

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Jacks Valley: Site of Encampment training during BCT

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LMD: Last military duty

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Mitch’s: Mitchell Hall (the cadet dining hall)

MPA: Military Performance Average

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NCO: Noncommissioned Officer

NCOIC: Noncommissioned Officer in Charge

Nomination: Required by law (Title 10) to receive an appointment to the Air Force Academy; each pre-candidate must apply for a nomination from their senators, congressional representative and/or military affiliation

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OIC: Officer in Charge

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PEA: Physical Education Average. Cadets with a PEA of 3.0 or higher are awarded a silver lightning bolt by the Director of Athletics for outstanding physical education performance

PFT: Physical Fitness Test

Pre-Candidate: A student interested in attending the Air Force Academy who has returned a completed Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

Pre-Candidate Questionnaire: The first step in the application process, interchangeable with the term application

Prop & Wings: Insignia traditionally awarded to Academy cadets at the end of their grueling fourth-class (freshman) year, signifying that they have been “recognized” as upper class cadets

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Qualified Candidate: A candidate who has met all admissions requirements

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SAMI: Saturday A.M. Inspection

SDO: Squadron Duty Officer

SOD: Senior Officer of the day, firstie-in-charge of the Cadet Wing for the day

Square Corners: One of the duties of every fourth-classman or “Doolie.” They must always use facing movements to turn a corner.

Squadron: Consists of three flights, about 108 cadets

Supt’s List: Superintendent’s list for outstanding academic, military, and athletic performance

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UOD: Uniform of the Day

Upper Class: Cadets in the first-, second- and third classes

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Zoomie: Graduate or cadet at United States Air Force Academy

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