A world-class education is
just the beginning.

Congratulations! As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, your horizons are broadened, your character is galvanized and you are on the road to an exciting career.

At Graduation

Graduation is such an important goal and milestone in your Academy life, fourth-class cadets (or freshman) are required to know and name the number of days until graduation every single day of the academic year.

As your Academy journey comes to a close, you have reason to celebrate, as you have achieved something truly great. After four years of hard work and thorough preparation to become commissioned officers in the United States Air Force, graduation is an extremely exciting time for cadets, family members and friends.

Cadets are the hosts of their families and must ensure that they have the information and arrangements needed for their visit. For example, disabled guests who need wheelchairs, special transportation or other accommodations must be provided for by cadets.

Graduating cadets will receive as many tickets as needed for family and guests as they need through their squadrons. As a cadet, it is your responsibility to maintain proper contact information for your parents or primary family members so that graduation ceremony information will be received by them in the mail.

To ensure timely travel and a comfortable visit while traversing the Academy, please be aware of the recommendations for attending graduation.

The ceremony is infused with tradition and honor. Since Falcon Stadium is an outdoor, uncovered stadium, cadets and families must be prepared for various types of weather. Once the ceremony begins, exit is prohibited until the very end.

At the close of the ceremony, cadets are dismissed as graduates. Cheers and celebration are silenced by the roar of the legendary Thunderbirds as they fly over the Academy in formation to congratulate the graduating class.

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