Athletics are a way of life at
the Academy.

The United States Air Force Academy fields 29 different men's and women's intercollegiate sports — but that's not all. Every cadet plays on an intramural team, physical education is part of the curriculum, and physical fitness is tested each quarter. So get on your game.

Athletic Facilities

Athletics are a critical part of the Academy experience. As a result, the athletic facilities at the United States Air Force Academy are some of the finest in the nation. Our athletic complex includes the Cadet Gymnasium, the Cadet Field House, the Holaday Athletic Center, the Falcon Athletic Center and a number of outdoor playing fields complete with staff dedicated to providing developmental guidance to Academy cadets.

“Athletic competition tests an individual’s ability to operate under stress, against adversity and as a selfless member of a team. The stresses encountered in highly competitive athletic contests are very similar to those encountered in combat. It is critically important to ensure the leaders of tomorrow are prepared for diverse and challenging situations. The Athletic Department staff is committed to producing the best officers possible for tomorrow’s Air Force. Every cadet is challenged physically and mentally to develop the skills and abilities critical to being an aggressive team player with the will to win.”  — Dr. Hans J. Mueh, Director of Athletics

Holaday Athletic Center

The Holaday Athletic Center (HAC) is the newest athletic facility at the Academy. Made possible by a generous lead gift of $5 million from Bart and Lynn Holaday, Class of 1965, the center is the largest gift from a graduate to the Academy in our history. The 92,000 square-foot center houses a regulation-sized field that can accommodate football, lacrosse, and soccer, in addition to many other athletic activities. There is no heat or air conditioning in the building (with the exception of restrooms) in order to mimic game like conditions in the heat of summer and cold of winter. This facility will enhance cadet athletic development and performance through reduced weather delays, increased practice time and improved replication of game conditions. Because of this generous gift, the Academy will continue to provide the very best facilities for total team and player development, benefiting all cadets and enhancing our overall success in intercollegiate and intramural athletics.

Cadet Gymnasium

The five-level Cadet Gymnasium is the standard by which other collegiate athletic complexes are judged. Among the facilities found within the gym are:

  • Three basketball gyms that contain ten practice or three regulation-size courts (or up to nine volleyball courts)
  • The East gym houses the volleyball competition site with seating for over 1,000 spectators
  • Four indoor tennis courts with indirect lighting and permanent seating for 380 spectators
  • An Olympic-size swimming pool with one- and three-meter boards with five- seven- and ten-meter platforms and permanent seating for 1,200 spectators
  • A 15,000 square foot gymnastics center with seating for over 600
  • A 10,000 square foot fencing center with seating for 200
  • A water-polo practice pool measuring 60′ x 120′ and 7.5′ deep
  • Three squash courts and 19 racquetball/handball courts
  • Two weight-training rooms each 10,000 square feet or more with state-of-the-art equipment. One training room contains a 30-yard rubberized sprint track
  • A 5,000 square foot cardio loft overlooking the cadet fitness center weight room, outfitted with treadmills, elliptical machines, stair climbers, exercise bikes, and rowing machines
  • Two rock climbing walls
  • A 6,400 square foot 14-point rifle range
  • A 7,800 square foot wrestling room
  • Four combative studios with a total of over 10,000 square feet of training space
  • Aerobic dance and spin cycling studios
  • A 10,000 square foot 4-ring boxing room with seating for 500
  • A 5,000 square-foot athletic training room
  • A 4,200 square foot Human Performance Laboratory
  • Offices for the Department of Physical Education and 18 varsity sports coaching staffs

Cadet Field House

Located across the street from the Gymnasium, this complex is equally impressive with:

  • A six-lane (six laps to a mile) Tartan surface indoor track with seating for 925 spectators
  • A synthetic turf playing field used for inclement-weather football, lacrosse, soccer and baseball practice
  • An ice hockey arena with seating for 2,502 spectators
  • A 5,856-seat basketball/volleyball arena

Falcon Athletic Center

Located between the Cadet Gym and the Cadet Field House, the Falcon Athletic Center includes the following facilities:

  • A 23,000 square foot, Astroturf weight room with a four-lane Astroturf 60-yard sprint track
  • Equipment management office/storage area
  • A new combined sports medicine area that includes offices, taping and treatment, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and health maintenance to all cadets, singular programs for each individual, individual counseling, team building, and sports-specific programs
  • State-of-the-art team meeting rooms along with a 250-seat auditorium
  • A “Hall of Excellence” which recognizes athletic and leadership accomplishments by graduates in the areas of intercollegiate athletics, intramurals and physical education
  • The first six inductees into the “Hall of Fame” occurred in the fall of 2007
  • The Department of Athletics administration offices which includes the athletic ticket office and marketing and development

Sports Medicine

The superb sports medicine department within the Gymnasium and Field House complex includes:

  • Two training rooms – a 3,325-square-foot area in the Gym and a 2,309-square-foot area in the Field House
  • A Human Performance Laboratory complete with hydrostatic weighing equipment, sports psychology and vision testing capabilities and aerobic testing equipment
  • Sports medicine programs include:
  • Rehabilitation and health maintenance to all cadets
  • Singular programs for each individual
  • Individual counseling, team building and sports-specific programs
  • Sports vision and imagery routines, plus stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Sport-specific training, plyometrics and weight gain/loss counseling

Outdoor Fields

The outdoor playing fields and facilities are a fine complement to the Gym and Field House with:

  • The 46,692-seat Falcon Stadium — home to the Air Force football team
  • The Eisenhower Golf Course, which includes two championship par-72, 18-hole courses
  • An intercollegiate baseball diamond with a synthetic turf infield and seating for 600
  • 30 tennis courts and six basketball courts and six team handball courts
  • A track and field facility complete with a 400-meter Tartan surface track and 1,500 seat bleacher section for spectators
  • 150 acres of practice and intramural fields, including football fields (one AstroTurf and two under lights), 2 rugby fields and 22 soccer fields
  • A soccer stadium which seats 800

As you can see from the list of amenities above, the athletic facilities at the Academy are as fine as any college or university, anywhere. As a cadet, your opportunities to better yourself physically are never limited by resources — but only by your will to compete.

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