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The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers degrees in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The Mathematics degree provides a broad overview of the foundational subjects of classical and modern mathematics while leaving considerable flexibility to tailor a program of study that meets individual interests. The degree stresses problem solving, logic, and abstract reasoning while also providing some exposure to various modern applications of mathematics to include programming. The Applied Mathematics degree also provides a solid foundation in diverse mathematical topics but applies that foundation to related subjects. The hallmark of the Applied Mathematics degree is a focused four-course interdisciplinary concentration coordinated with another department or departments. This blending of applied mathematics with another scientific discipline offers significant benefits in terms of career and graduate school choices. 

The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors were created to offer a broad yet focused education in problem solving, analytical reasoning, and technical communication. These skills allow each major to handle the complex operational, managerial, and technical problems that routinely challenge Air Force officers. In addition, both majors provide a superior education that will facilitate success in a wide variety of graduate school programs. Students majoring in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics historically perform well in areas such as operations research, physics, engineering, business administration, economics, computer science, law, medicine, meteorology, and, of course, mathematics and applied mathematics. 

Flexibility is a critical component of any modern, relevant degree program. The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors are designed to allow students to choose a course of study that suits their interests, while also providing an education well-suited to the modern Air Force. Officers with a background in math or applied math are well-suited to succeed across a diverse range of Air Force careers ranging from scientific analyst or acquisitions to intelligence or pilot.

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Mathematics Course Sequence

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