What Makes The Academy Different?

The Academy is a world-class university designed to create strong leaders. Beyond academic excellence, the Academy emphasizes military training, athletics, and character development to forge officers of character who are ready to lead our nation in the Air Force.

How Mentors Can Help

Teachers, Counselors and Coaches

As a teacher, coach, counselor, or other mentor, you can be a key player in a high school student’s guidance, preparation and ultimate acceptance to the United States Air Force Academy. If you have a student or athlete who exhibits the drive, motivation and leadership potential we seek, they should know about the Academy. You can help by directing them to this website for detailed information on the Academy experience and our admissions process.

Students may apply as early as March 1 of their junior year. In all cases, the earlier an interested student begins the application process the better. Encourage your students to research our application steps and begin preparing early for the competitive application to the Academy.

We look for well-rounded candidates. Interested students must excel in academics as well as to participate in athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities. Everything from yearbook committee to student government, clubs and community service can demonstrate their potential.

The application process includes assessment of a candidate’s academic ability, intellectual curiosity and character. As part of our assessment of these qualities, we require three teacher evaluations. English, math, science or other instructors can help students by being available to write thoughtful recommendations. Physical education instructors and coaches can help by properly administering the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA).

If a student athlete you coach has intercollegiate athletics potential, please let them know about the Academy. For Division I recruiting concerns, please visit www.goairforcefalcons.com.

Do you want to Attend the Academy?

Understanding our admissions requirements is the first step.