A Time of Growth and Change.

Cadets rely on their families as a major source of support and encouragement. In addition, there are many support services available to aid cadets in the transition from civilian to military life. Becoming familiar with these services may reassure you and your cadet.

Cadet Wing Support

When your cadet arrives at the United States Air Force Academy, they become a member of the cadet wing. While the Academy is a challenging environment by design, the structure and organization of the cadet wing supports each individual as they learn to take on increasing levels of responsibility.

The 4,000 cadets are organized into four groups of about 1,000 cadets each. Each group contains 10 squadrons with about 100 cadets per squadron. This structure simulates that of an operational Air Force wing.

Air Officer Commanding (AOC) are responsible for the health, morale and welfare of each squadron. AOCs continually review each cadet’s progress and are the primary points of contact between you and the Academy. In addition, Academy Military Trainers (AMTs) and Noncommissioned officers (NCOs) complement the AOC in providing daily support to your cadet.

First-class cadets, serving as cadet officers, play a major role in guiding your son or daughter. They provide much of the training and athletic supervision within each squadron and help in tutoring.

Finally, squadron faculty officers advise your cadet in academic areas and help them with problems of academic deficiency or probation. Instructors also help your cadet in academic course work, as well as in selecting major academic fields and developing officer skills.

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