Facing The Challenges, Together.

College is an exciting prospect for parents and children. Families and mentors can offer support, advice and perspective in pursuing the United States Air Force Academy. Know how to prepare, how to apply and what to consider in choosing the Academy.


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How To Decide

The Academy is a unique university. If at all possible, we encourage potential cadets to visit the Academy to see what it is really like.

Applicants may request a escorted tour or briefing, or apply to attend our Summer Seminar to experience the Academy first-hand. Note that Summer Seminar is a competitive program; spaces are limited.

If your child is fortunate enough to be offered an appointment to the Academy, we want to ensure your child has enough information to make a sound decision for their future. At this stage, your child’s Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) can be a great resource for discussing the benefits of an Academy education, what it is really like and more, what it means to be an officer in the United States Air Force.

In the end, your child’s choice of which college or university to attend is a personal decision. Encourage your child to talk with you about the academy experience. You can offer your child a framework for frank discussion, encouragement and support, but we find that cadets are most successful when the decision to attend the Academy is their own.

Do you want to Attend the Academy?

Understanding our admissions requirements is the first step.