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College is an exciting prospect for parents and children. Families and mentors can offer support, advice and perspective in pursuing the United States Air Force Academy. Know how to prepare, how to apply and what to consider in choosing the Academy.


Stay organized on-the-go with a list of steps and deadlines.


How To Apply

Our admissions process can seem daunting at first. A bit of research and planning can make all the difference to your child’s application. The key is to start early and work hard to meet or exceed our admissions requirements. Students can apply as early as March 1 of their junior year.

The best way to begin is to fully understand the application steps. As applicants have varied backgrounds and needs, you may also wish to consult our advice to applicants for insights on your specific situation.

In general, the application process breaks down into Pre-Candidate and Candidate phases. Each of these phases is designed to determine whether applicants meet our admissions requirements according to our selection criteria.

Pre-Candidate Phase

The admissions process begins with our Pre-Candidate Questionnaire, which is available online starting March 1st of every year. This online form gives your child the opportunity to self-report important qualifications, including their grade point average, class rank and extracurricular activities.

If self-reported qualifications meet our standards, we will promote your child to candidate status. At that time, self-reported qualifications will be verified and expanded upon. It is important to provide accurate and complete information during the pre-candidate phase.

Pre-Candidate Questionnaires are officially due by December 31st of each year, however, it is advisable to submit them as early as possible.

Candidate Phase

Those applicants who achieve candidate status will receive an email with candidate kit instruction starting in the summer of each year. The candidate kit contains valuable information and instructions on how to complete an official application for appointment to the Academy.

At this time, self-reported information will be verified and expanded upon. There are many steps in the process, some of which — such as nominations and medical evaluations — may take 4-6 months to complete. A candidate’s application must be completed by January 31st of each year.

We advise families to take the application process seriously, and to reserve significant time to complete it. It may be helpful to create a dedicated workspace for application activities, maintain an application calendar and use our checklist to ensure all materials are completed in a timely manner.

Do you want to Attend the Academy?

Understanding our admissions requirements is the first step.