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There are many opportunities for families to get involved with the United States Air Force Academy and become part of our community. Throughout the year, cadets participate in a number of important and historic events, many of which are open to parents and the public.

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Parent Clubs

You are so proud! Your son or daughter has been accepted to the United States Air Force Academy!

The big day arrives. You stay with your new cadet at the Field House until the very last minute. Then you must say good-bye and your cadet walks away to begin in-processing. You won’t see your cadet again until Parents’ Weekend. This may be a traumatic time for you.

As parents of cadets, you are very special. Your children are attending one of the finest institutions in America. They will enter the Academy as young adults, but after four years, they will emerge as officers of the United States Air Force. Meanwhile, you miss your “doolie” already, and you know you’re going to have many questions as the days go by.

One thing you can do is to join a parent club in your local area. These clubs are, basically, support groups. Here, parents support each other as well as supporting their cadets and the Academy.

Fellow Academy parents can help you in many ways. They provide rumor control. They voice opinions. They provide shoulders to lean on. They remain members, though their cadets have long since graduated. They become lifelong friends.

There are presently 93 parents’ clubs in the United States, with every state having representation. We urge you to join the parents’ club in your area. For more information, please contact:

Cadet, Parent and Alumni Outreach Branch
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 310D
USAF Academy, CO 80840-5002
Phone 1-877-268-3383

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