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We encourage a diverse array of applicants to compete for an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. Some may need to take specific preparation or application steps. All should prepare to be the most competitive applicant possible. Get insights for your application, here.

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US Students Living Abroad

US students living abroad apply to the United States Air Force Academy in the same way as other high school and college students, however, they may need to work harder to ensure communications are accurate and timely, especially in regards to residency, transcripts and nominations.


Residency Abroad

It is important for us to have the physical address where you reside in our database to ensure your medical exam and interview with an Admissions Liaison Officer can be scheduled in a timely manner.

US Residency

Normally, where your parents pay taxes and are registered to vote is where you maintain residency.


We will need your official high school transcript that lists courses taken and grades received from ninth grade on. It needs to be in English and include information on the high school as well as the grading system if different from the standard system in the United States.


The main concern for US students living abroad is obtaining a nomination. If you have residency that your family maintains in the United States, you can request a nomination from both of your Senators, your Representatives and the Vice President. If your parents do not maintain residency in the United States, then you must request a nomination from the Vice President.


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