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Do you crave challenge, love to lead and feel called to serve? Learn more about the United States Air Force Academy. Creating great leaders is what we do.

Admissions Team

The United States Air Force  Academy is a world-class university — and one of the most selective colleges in the nation. We seek young men and women who are likely to succeed in our challenging environment. Competitive candidates must be of high moral character and demonstrate achievement in academics, athletics and leadership.

Competition for appointment to the Academy is extremely high. But if you have the qualifications and motivation we seek, we want you to apply.

The Admissions team is here to assist you. Please contact us if you have questions you cannot answer by reading this site.

The Application Process

Our admissions process can seem daunting at first. A bit of research and planning can make all the difference to your application. The key is to start early and work hard to meet or exceed our admissions requirements. The best way to begin is to fully understand the application steps.

As applicants have varied backgrounds and needs, we offer advice to applicants that may offer insight for your specific situation.

Is the Academy the Right College for You?

From the time you become interested in the Academy — as early as middle school — we work to guide you on your educational journey. We provide several outreach programs to help applicants learn more about the Academy.

Members of our outreach division regularly visit education and college fairs to inform young people about the Academy experience. To learn more about the Academy, look for an event near you.

 We also have Admissions Liaison Officers (ALOs) who can answer your questions and provide detailed information about the Academy. To get in touch with the right resource, find your ALO.

Finally, we encourage potential cadets to visit the Academy. Applicants may request an escorted tour or briefing, or apply to attend our Summer Seminar to experience the Academy first-hand.

About Our Director of Admissions

Col Arthur W. Primas Jr. is the Director of Admissions at the United States Air Force Academy. He is responsible for recruiting, evaluating, and selecting the nation’s top students to meet the officer needs of the United States Air Force. He oversees development of programs and products to inform the public about educational opportunities at the Academy and hosts specifically designed workshops for professional educators and congressional staffers. As the Director, Col Primas focuses a worldwide force of over 1,318 Admissions Liaison Officers and a 69-person staff skilled in marketing, internet-based technologies, diversity recruitment, congressional liaison, and selections, while managing an annual budget of over $2.39M. He steers the development of policy, strategy, and plans required for admissions programming for the Academy, the Academy Preparatory School, and the Falcon Foundation Scholarships.

Col Primas is a 1992 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and then went on to complete his undergraduate pilot training in 1993. During his flying assignments he served as an Instructor Pilot, Chief of Squadron Scheduling, Mission Development Officer, Chief of Squadron Training, Flight Commander, Formal Training Unit Instructor/Examiner Pilot, Student Flight Commander, Operations Officer, Chief of Wing Safety. Col Primas’ non-flying assignments include serving as an International Affairs Country Director (Singapore, Republic of South Korea, Indonesia and Israel), Executive Officer for the Secretary of the Air Force (International Affairs), Commander of the Air Support Flight at the U.S. Embassy, Canberra, Australia. Col Primas is a command pilot with over 3,000 hours and over 500 combat and combat support hours. He has been deployed in support of Operations SOUTHERN WATCH, NORTHERN WATCH, JOINT FORGE, ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, and NEW DAWN. He served as the operations officer for the first active associate KC-135 squadron and later served as the first active duty deputy group commander in an Air Force Reserve KC-135 wing.

Prior to his current position, Col Primas was the Division Chief, Headquarters Pacific Air Force, International Affairs.

About the Admissions Team

Lead by Director of Admissions, Colonel Arthur W. Primas Jr., our 60-person permanent staff and an Admissions Liaison Officer Program of nearly 1,500 Reserve, active duty and retired Air Force officers is here to offer information, assistance and encouragement.

Outreach Division: The Outreach Division runs many programs to reach out to potential applicants and disseminate information about the Academy. Outreach programs include 6th-10th Grade Students, Summer Seminar, outreach events and the Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) program.

Selections Team: The Selections team manages files for each and every applicant to the Academy, working with potential candidates to ensure applications are complete, accurate and available to the Selections Board who makes appointment decisions based on our selection criteria.

Operations Team: The Operations Team develops and manages this website, as well as handling overall marketing, media, supplies and information technology to promote the Academy and facilitate recruitment and admissions activities.

Do you want to Attend the Academy?

Understanding our admissions requirements is the first step.